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Electronic hardware engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Electronic product hardware design and development, including the completion of schematic diagrams, PCB design, device selection and functional realization;
2. Strong hands-on ability, can independently weld and debug the sample PCBA, cooperate with the software engineer to realize the basic functions of the product, and debug and modify the circuit.
3. Develop a test plan, complete hardware debugging and testing;
4. Electromagnetic compatibility design and testing of electronic products, positioning and resolution of electromagnetic compatibility problems;
5. Establishment of environmental testing and reliability experiment standards for electronic products, and organize the implementation of failure analysis and reliability experiments;
6. Compile new product specifications and related documents, including process drawings, wiring diagrams, BOM tables and control drawings, etc.;
7. Solve problems in mass production of products, such as failure analysis, tooling and fixture design, etc.

1. Have a solid basic knowledge of electronic circuits, very familiar with logarithmic circuits and analog circuits;
2. Familiar with the commonly used PCB LAYOUT tools Altium/Protel, or PADS, Allegro, etc., familiar with PCB plate making, familiar with the production process is preferred;
3. Familiar with basic programming languages, with basic skills in programming and debugging hardware (no specific requirements for this item, basic knowledge is better);
4. Have strong adaptability, sense of responsibility, enthusiasm for others, and good teamwork spirit.

Hardware maintenance engineer

Requires technical secondary school education or above, majoring in electronics. Familiar with the basic performance of electronic components, skilled in electric soldering iron technology, job responsibility is the repair of defective products on the production line and the repair of defective products returned by customers. Can provide technical guidance on training, learning, and maintenance! There is overtime pay! (The company is mainly engaged in the new energy industry, research and development, production and sales of inverter power supplies)

intl. Sales Secialist

Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop customers through various channels and methods such as industry platforms, Ali/Global, Google search, linkdin/facebook social platforms, etc.;
2. Understand basic foreign trade knowledge such as L/C.FOB.CIF, review letters of credit, and be able to independently complete foreign trade related documents such as PI.CO.FTA.BL.PL;
3. Deal with inquiries in time, follow up with customers via email, Skype, telephone, etc., and conduct business exchanges with customers;
4. Actively keep in touch with customers, and facilitate the detailed work of price negotiation and contract signing in business cooperation;
5. Experience in foreign trade sales such as power supply/inverter/adapter is preferred.

6. The salary is based on the basic salary + business commission.

Domestic Sales Specialist

Mainly responsible for the sales of inverter power modules, for the development of customers in the energy storage power supply market in Guangdong, especially those who graduated from electronics major or have market sales experience in the electronics industry, have strong communication skills, diligence, and strong market development capabilities!